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About Us

We are the Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance.

A new name. A ‘ fresh ’ approach.

Built upon a very solid foundation.

Since 1975, we have transitioned from the original Nova Scotia Salt Fish Packers Association to the Nova Scotia Fish Packers Association in a seamless fashion to better reflect the activities of our membership. We have represented small and medium sized land based seafood companies primarily in South West Nova Scotia. In recent years, we have expanded our membership base to include all of Nova Scotia. The original focus on salt fish now includes virtually every fish in the ocean...

So it just seems timely, and appropriate, to re-name and re-brand our Association for the next 50 years. The Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance is an association whose time has arrived and our transition from "Fish Packers" has now been formally completed.

We have 120+ Member Companies all of whom have fascinating individual stories and products. But we are one Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance anxious to increase our membership, broaden our voice and our benefits and maintain the same good policy work for which our original association has been highly complimented.

Welcome to our fresh beginning ….

We are the Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance.



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We are the voice for Nova Scotia seafood suppliers, built on the legacy of the Nova Scotia Fish Packers Association. We promote, represent and advocate for land-based seafood buyers and processors across the province, for the advancement and prosperity of all.



To accomplish it's mission, the Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance will strive to achieve the following goals:


We aim to grow our membership among seafood companies in Nova Scotia. We will listen carefully to our members to understand their objectives.


We will speak to the issues and concerns of our members in a professional manner.


We will engage with the fishing community, the media , the public and Government.


We will serve as a platform to introduce the best in Nova Scotian Seafood to the worldwide marketplace.



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 Nova Scotia seafood enjoys an international reputation for excellence. Our products are transported and enjoyed throughout Canada and across the globe. Our cold, North Atlantic waters provide a wide variety of seafood throughout all seasons. We deliver it fresh, frozen, smoked, salted, processed and live. Members of the Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance rightly pride themselves on offering the best quality seafood and fair value. We like to think our products speak for themselves. 


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