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Aqua Production Systems

Contact: Philip Nickerson

Phone:  (902) 746-3855




Aqua Production Systems is an engineering company who does consulting, design, project management, and heating and cooling systems for the fishing industry who identifies needs of lobster pounds and fish hatcheries. Aqua Production Systems solves the problem of mortality during the holding phase and in shipping lobster live to markets around the world. With our new tank systems or complete retrofits, we can guarantee zero mortality claims for lobster shipped from our holding tanks. We work with clients to discuss what existing processes are working well and what needs improvement. Such topics discussed are water quality, waste-water treatment systems, oxygen levels, aeration, bacteria levels, energy consumption, refrigeration efficiency, and worker ergonomics. Aqua Production Systems uses a system called The Clean Plate, The Clean Plate uses Iodine infusion to help clean and keep your Heat Exchanger maintenance free.

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