Looking for Suppliers for a Contract Relationship

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Members of the Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance:

Opportunity knocks (quite possibly….)

We @ Longshore Fisheries are hoping to find two or three contract suppliers for a processing relationship.

Have you ever wanted to process a product without making the necessary 7 Million Dollar investment?

We are located in Sonora , Guysborough County, we are a brand new recruit to the Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance, and we may have some of the processing solutions you are looking for.

We offer a unique service. Contract processing for a fee. We have a state of the art processing facility, completely registered and approved CFIA status, and on top of everything else, a rather flexible attitude.

We think that working together works! And we would like to work with YOU….

If you have a processing idea, or a project to discuss, or anything else where we can fashion a Win/Win together,  please contact at your earliest convenience Kim or Evan @ 902-522-2592

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