Our Executive Board

Our Board of Directors is a diverse group. They come from every region of Nova Scotia — new generations blending with the very experienced. These men and women are company owners, leaders and spokespeople.

Osborne Burke


Osborne is the General Manager of the Victoria Fisheries Co-Operative, a fisher-owned company located in Neil's Harbour, Cape Breton. The Cooperative represents over 100 harvesters on a direct and continuing basis, and markets their catch in a whole range of species throughout Canada & Internationally.

Osborne is active in the seafood sector as a leader and in his community as well. Most particularly, he is very enthusiastic about the growth and engagement of the Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance in the days ahead.

Jonathan Sears

Vice President

Jonathan Sears is the fourth generation of his family to become a leader in the seafood sector. R.I. Smith was originally formed in 1933, 84 years ago.

Jonathan is following in the footsteps of his great grandfather...but with a vibrant live lobster enterprise that looks confidently to the future. Jonathan notably believes in the potential of the Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance as a helpful association going forward for all stakeholders.


Sharon Williams


Sharon is a partner with her husband Borden in a family-owned seafood company, UGO Fisheries, purchasing fresh seafood from fishers in South West, Nova Scotia.  Sharon knows first hand how to maintain strong relationships with the fishers and ultimately her clients. Sharon brings these core strengths and many more to the Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance.



Jenny Nickerson


Jenny is the third generation granddaughter of a coastal enterprise family exporting the very best of Nova Scotia Seafood to Europe & Asia. She is a young woman making her mark in this sector.

Could we say that seafood is in her blood? Undoubtedly! Could we say that she sees the incredible cooperative benefit of a Seafood Alliance in this province? Absolutely. She brings a strong background and an energetic spirit to our organization.


Leo Muise

Executive Director

Leo Muise is a lifelong Nova Scotian with a fisheries background in both the Federal & Provincial Government. He comes to our organization ironically from his last position as Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture. Leo has been on the wharves and been in the board rooms – he has a wealth of experience including helpfully in agriculture. He has the energy, the focus and the vision to help move our Alliance forward.

Leo’s mantra on a daily basis is that Working Together Works for everyone in our sector. We have adopted it in the Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance and we are indeed fortunate to have him as our Executive Director.



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Our Directors.

Our Board of Directors provide a wealth of experience and guidance, and a lifelong commitment to Nova Scotia and its range of seafood products. We are grateful for their volunteer commitment and support of the Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance.


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