Our Transition

                    Self-Analysis in the Seafood Sector?


The gradual transition from Nova Scotia Fish Packers to the Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance began in a South West Nova Scotia community basement three short years ago. It was a think tank session in historic Port Mouton. The Board of Fish Packers at the time took a collective gaze in the mirror: 

          Where had we been and where were we going?

          What did we represent and what were we actually doing?

     So many questions and not enough answers. We were planting the seeds of a new and expanded organization. We filled a blackboard with goals, values, and current aspirations …

NSSA chalk Board.jpg

              We concluded we needed to build upon our foundation of member engagement. And to do so, we should reach clear across the province. We needed to re-brand our association but cling desperately to the best of the existing fundamentals. We would strive on behalf of our members. We would engage vigorously on their issues. It would be the same bundle of approaches but delivered in a slightly altered and updated package.

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Welcome to the Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance.

We’ve got important work ahead of us …