The Perennia Visit

Board Members of the Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance met in Bible Hill on April 13th. It was a much anticipated face to face strategy session and a chance to get an extended tour of Perennia, the Nova Scotia scientific innovation centre. The session was outstanding in that it gave us a sense of precisely what they bring to our valued added table in the seafood sector.

Eric Albert, PhD., Chief Science Officer, hosted our group and gave a terrific overview of the Perennia business model. He then provided an even better complete tour of the facility and their astonishing scientific and applied science capabilities. Member companies of the Alliance should immediately be PUT ON NOTICE: If you have an idea, if you have a business project, if you have a valued added concept (bringing smoked haddock into commercial production for instance, adding shelf life to the T Biscuits you had for breakfast even) , the folks at Perennia are anxious to meet and willing to facilitate in a range of ways that will obviously help you.

Their mandate is to assist Nova Scotia companies to bring innovative products and solutions to the marketplace. Their scientific, applied science and technical capabilities are something Nova Scotia can be very proud of. To learn more, go to their website:

Better yet, call Eric Albert directly (902.896.0277) and tell him 'the Alliance' sent you ….